9 Great things to do in London on a rainy day!

Things to do on a rainy day

Although I was fortunate to have always dry weather during my trips to London, it is still possible that it you will have a rainy day on your visit. You probably planned a lot of things to do and see outdoors. Walks, visiting markets or a tour on one of the open rooftop hop-on hop-off […]

Best apps for your visit to London

Station Master App

The times that we walked through London with a paper travel guide are over. Everyone has a smartphone these days and there are a range of good apps that make a paper travel guide superfluous. Saves you dragging such a heavy book along. These are the apps that I have on my iPhone that I […]

Brexit: What are the consequences for traveling to London


It has been constantly in the news in recent years and is a fact as of 1 February. The Brexit, leaving the European Union by the United Kingdom. This is going to have many consequences in many areas. But what are the consequences for us tourists who want to travel to the UK? Are we […]

Contactless travel in London with your bank card: Do or Don’t?

contactless payment on london tube

Nowadays you can pay contactless everywhere. At the supermarket around the corner, at the gas station and even at the collector at the door. This is also the case with Transport for London (TfL) on the trains and buses. At TfL they call this Contactless. But what is it and how does it work? We […]

Go take a bike!

London Santander cycles in docking station

You can explore London in different ways. Of course on foot, with the tube or bus or even with the river bus. But go cycling! Transport for London (TFL) has set up an extensive network of rental bikes since 2010, the Santander Cycles. Also called “Boris Bikes”, after Boris Johnson who was mayor of London […]

Food in London: Dishes that you must have tasted!

Full English Breakfast from

Do you experience London only by just seeing the sights? No of course not. You should of course also enjoy all the goodies that London has to offer. But where do you start? That is why we have listed a number of typical English dishes to help you on your way. Enjoy!

London Passes

london explorer pass

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn London can be a very expensive city. For all major attractions that the city has to offer, nice prices are asked. But you still want to see as much of the city as possible. To prevent that your wallet is already empty before […]

Getting around

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Public transportation is the easiest and most affordable way to travel through London over greater distances. Public transportation includes the metro, bus and boat. The metro, also called Underground or Tube, is the fastest way to travel through London. There are many stations […]

Getting there

Getting there Plane The plane is a fast and comfortable way to get to London. More Train With the high-speed train you travel relaxed through the Eurotunnel under the channel tunnel to London. More Ferry Travel comfortably to London while having fun on board. More Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on […]